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I'm Jessica Due (her/they). I bring 15 years of expertise and experience providing specialized care to rescued and rehabilitated farm animals, partnering with veterinarians and veterinary schools nationwide including the University of California-Davis and Cornell University.

For the past decade, I have implemented sanctuary best practices, standard operating procedures, strategic planning, programmatic alignment and integration, and permaculture designs in partnership with sanctuaries across the country. Additionally, I collaborated with UCLA to help develop a credited permaculture science curriculum for high school students.

My combined passions for leveraging resources and support to sanctuary organizations and championing collaboration and community across the sanctuary movement were the catalyst that inspired me to expand my consultancy full-time.


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Animal Care

Field tested and proven animal care protocols and support

Human Hands


Mentorship for animal care teams and leadership

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"The value of Jessica's leadership can not be quantified. In my 5+ years experience as a caregiver, we underwent countless restructuring and changes, no one united and supported the team as successfully and effectively as Jessica did. Through her profound leadership we looked to the future of the organization with a renewed spirit and optimism I have not felt in a long time."

Sarah S.

Manager, Animal CAre

"Jessica's years of sanctuary experience are unparalleled. Her warmth and kind-spirited nature allows for instant ease and comfort in conversation. Through her open and loving presence, she helps to co-create a non-judgmental and collaborative learning environment for all who seek out her expertise."

Kelsey B.

Manager, Rescue and placement

"Jessica is a true leader and mentor. She is passionate, patient, and humble and is as dedicated to continous learning and personal growth as she is to empowering the individuals and communities she serves. Her breadth of knowledge with regard to animal rescue and care is outstanding as is her attention to detail, emotional intelligence, and commitment to justice in all forms."

Maddie K,

M.A. Humane Education


"Working with Jessica, was incredibly transformative for me both professionally and personally. She has unwavering dedication to the animals in her care as well as the people working with her which elevates everyone around her. I worked with her through incredibly challenging obstacles, all of which she met with poise, strength, and determination. Jessica is always someone I could rely on whether I needed high-level organization expertise, someone to brainstorm with on challenging medical case, or even a shoulder to cry on. It is incredibly rare to find someone who not only fills each of these roles so deftly but also is consistently helping those around her learn as well. Any organization Jessica worked with will reap the benefits of her years of animal care and leadership experience, but even more so benefit from her keen insight and understanding which truly sets her apart as a leader."

Daniel S.

ManAger, Animal CAre

ODd Man Inn Animal Refuge

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